Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute

Principal Investigator:Nizal Sarrafzadegan

Professor of Medicine/Cardiology Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Director of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute


January 2001

1. To determine the incidence of CVD events including fetal and non-fetal stroke and sudden cardiac death.
2. To determine the association of CVD events, fetal and non-fetal stroke and sudden cardiac death with various risk factors.
3. To map the Iranian cardiovascular risk chart base on traditional and novel risk factors.
4. To determine the incidence of factors associated with CVD risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, …)

Individuals aged 35 years old or more living in urban and rural areas of Isfahan, Najafabad and Arak

Multistage random sampling 6542 individuals

Structured interview to determine socioeconomic and demographic characteristics; participants’ knowledge, attitude and practice towards nutrition, smoking, physical activity, as well as data on physical examination, blood pressure and anthropometric measurements.

The participants were followed biannually by telephone call interviews, and address follow-up if not successful. Based on participants or close relatives statements, hospital medical records were sought to find valid documents. In case of out-hospital deaths or suspicious non-hospitalized strokes, verbal autopsy or expert interview were carried out, respectively.

Traditional CVD risk factors including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, smoking, and obesity as well as life style factors

1. Fatal and nonfatal MI
2. Fatal and nonfatal stroke
3. Sudden cardiac death
4. Unstable angina
5. All-cause mortality

Part Cohort