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Shahroud Eye Cohort Study

Shahroud University of Medical Sciences

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Principal Investigator:Hassan Hashemi

-Professor of Ophthalmology
-Tehran University of Medical Sciences-Noor Ophthalmology Research Center



To identify the causes of eye diseases and visual impairments in middle aged peoples.

40 to 64 year old peoples in Shahroud city

Population based multistage cluster sampling 5190

In a population of about 28000 people aged 40 to 64 in Shahroud city, north of Iran, 6,311 people selected randomly. In the first phase of this project, 82.2% of those invited participate in examinations and eye problems of 5190 people were identified. The 2nd phase of study performed in 2014 and 4737 individuals (91.3%) were participated.

Every five year with annual contact and free optometric examination, Gift, SMS, call contact and contacts at homes.

Demographic, job, drugs, systemic diseases, familial and genetic factors

Visual impairments, ophthalmic and optometric diseases in lids, cornea, lens, retina and …