Socioeconomic and environmental factors associated with waterpipe tobacco smoking among Iranian adults: a PERSIAN cohort-based cross-sectional study

Molecular investigation of Brucella species belongs to sheep and goats in seropositive samples from an endemic area of Hamedan Province; Famenin brucellosis

Brucellosis in livestock: First study on seroepidemiology, risk factors, and preventive strategies to manage the disease in Famenin, Iran

مجله غدد درون ریز و متابولیسم ایران

ارتباط عوامل اجتماعی ساختاری با سابقه ابتلا به دیابت بارداری: یک مطالعه کوهورت مبتنی بر جمعیت در شهرستان هویزه

The pattern of medication use, and determinants of the prevalenceof polypharmacy among patients with a recenthistory of depressive disorder: resultsfrom the pars cohort study

The socio-economic inequality in body mass index: a PERSIAN cohort-based cross-sectional study on 20,000 Iranian adults

Prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and associated factors among adults from southwest Iran: Baseline data from Hoveyzeh Cohort Study

Relation of hypertension with episodic primary headaches and chronic primary headaches in population of Rafsanjan cohort study