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Removal of livestock suffered brucellosis

In accordance with the research projects related to the Famenin brucellosis cohort in a research entitled: Investigation of the prevalence of brucellosis in domestic animals (cows, sheep, and goats) of Famenine City in 2018 and according to the approval of the scientific results of this project by the veterinary organization of Hamadan, after examining 1758 […]

Following the Famenin brucellosis cohort studies

Following the Famenin brucellosis cohort studies, we designed some another research programs to gain more extra data about the risk factors related the Brucellosis disease in Famenin. Our main projects are as below: Evaluation of the incidence, relapse, clinical manifestations and complications of brucellosis during two years among participants in the brucellosis cohort study of […]


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