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Upper Normal Limit of Serum Alanine Aminotransferase and Its Association with Metabolic Risk Factors in Pars Cohort Study

َAuthor Faeze Sehatpour 1, Alireza Salehi 2, Hossein Molavi Vardanjani 1, Hossein Poustchi 3, Abdullah Gandomkar 4, Reza Malekzadeh 3 4   Abstract BACKGROUND The range of serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT) varies in different sub-populations or countries. Its population-specific cut-off points may provide a more effective screening tool for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Objectives To investigate the upper normal level (UNL) of ALT and its association […]

Effectiveness of Polypill for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (PolyPars): Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Author Fatemeh Malekzadeh 1 2 3, Abdullah Gandomkar 2, Zinab Malekzadeh 1, Hossein Poustchi 1 4, Mohsen Moghadami 2, Mohammad Reza Fattahi 5, Maryam Moini 5, Amir Anushiravani 1 2, Roozbeh Mortazavi 6, Shahrokh Sadeghi Boogar 6, Vahid Mohammadkarimi 6, Firoozeh Abtahi 7, Shahin Merat 1 8, Sadaf G Sepanlou 1, Reza Malekzadeh 1 2 4 8 Abstract Background: Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death in Iran. A fixed-dose combination therapy (polypill) was proposed as a cost-effective strategy for CVD prevention, especially in lower-resource settings. We conducted the PolyPars trial […]

Epidemiology of Adult Diabetes Mellitus and its Correlates in Pars Cohort Study in Southern Iran

Author(s): Armin Akbarzadeh 1, Alireza Salehi 1, Hossein Molavi Vardanjani 1, Hossein Poustchi 2, Abdullah Gandomkar 3, Mohammad Reza Fattahi 3, Reza Malekzadeh 2 3 Abstract Background: The burden of diabetes mellitus (DM) is increasing worldwide, especially in countries such as Iran. Modifiable correlates of the DM may be different across regions. We aimed to estimate the population-based prevalence of DM and its correlates among adults in southern Iran. Methods: Baseline […]

A Comprehensive Look at Irritable Bowel Syndrome and its Associated Factors Considering the Rome IV Criteria: A Penalized Smoothly Clipped Absolute Deviation Regression Approach in the Pars Cohort Study

Authors Peyman Arasteh 1, Najmeh Maharlouei 2, Seyed Sajjad Eghbali 3, Mitra Amini 4, Kamran B Lankarani 2, Reza Malekzadeh 5 Abstract BACKGROUND After the introduction of the Rome IV criteria for the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), studies on the clinical significance of the new criteria in the settings of a large study has been scarce. Objective: Herein we used the infrastructures provided by one the […]

Comparison of laboratory-based and non-laboratory-based WHO cardiovascular disease risk charts: a population-based study

AbstractBackground: Determining the risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is a necessity for timely preventive interventionsin high-risk groups. However, laboratory testing may be impractical in countries with limited resources. This studyaimed at comparison and assessment of the agreement between laboratory-based and non-laboratory-based WHOrisk charts models.Methods: This study was performed using the baseline data of 8138 participants […]

Association between Nontraditional Risk Factors and Calculated 10-Year Risk of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in a Large General Population: Based on the Pars Cohort Study

Authors Pooran Mohsenzadeh, Ali Ardekani, Hossein Poustchi, Zahra Mohammadi, Seyed Reza Abdipour Mehrian, Hamed Bazrafshan Drissi, Zahra Rahimian, Erfan Taherifard, Ali Nabavizadeh, Alireza kamalipour, Bita Mesgarpour, Fatemeh Malekzadeh & Hossein Molavi Vardanjani ABSTRACT Background: While the traditional risk factors of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) have been well-established, the evolving role of nontraditional risk factors is not […]

Agreement between laboratory‑based and non‑laboratory‑based Framingham risk score in Southern Iran

Authors Fatemeh Rezaei1 , Mozhgan Seif2 , AbdullahGandomkar3 , Mohammad Reza Fattahi4 & Jafar Hasanzadeh5 Abstract Introduction: Estimation of the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), may lead to prophylactic therapies. This study aims to compare and evaluate the agreement between CVD prediction of Iran Package of Essential Non-communicable Disease (IraPEN) and Framingham risk score (FRS). Methods: All […]