BMC Geriatrics

Association between anemia, physical performance and cognitive function in Iranian elderly people: evidence from Bushehr Elderly Health (BEH) program

sugar-sweetened soft drinks

Popular Drinks That May Cause Lasting Damage to Your Kidneys: TLGS findings

Unfortunately, many popular drinks—some of which you may be consuming every day—can have serious side effects on your kidneys, potentially leading to major kidney damage over time. Read on to discover which drinks could put your kidney health in jeopardy in the long run. Read more

The longitudinal association between soybean and non-soybean legumes intakes and risk of cardiovascular disease: Isfahan cohort study

Nutritional status assessment of Minodar residence in Qazvin city, Iran: vitamin D deficiency in sunshine country, a public health issue

Association of dietary patterns and risk of cardiovascular disease events in the MASHAD cohort study

Twentieth year of Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study, twenty years of research and public participation in health promotion

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