UMS Employees Health Cohort Study (SUMS EHCS) Staffs

Scientific Committee and Researchers

– Dr. Seyed Jalil Masoumi, clinicalnutritionist(Faculty Member, School of Nutrition and Food Science)

– Dr. Fariba Moradi, community medicine specialist (Manager, Group for Non-Communicable Diseases)

– Dr. Mohammad Hadi Imanieh, Pediatric Gastroenterology sub-specialist (Faculty Member, School of Medicine)

– Dr. Seyed Basir Hashemi, ENT specialist, Head & Neck Surgery Specialist (Faculty Member, School of Medicine)

– Dr. Reza Chaman, Epidemiologist (Faculty Member, School of Public Health)

– Dr. Younes Ghasemi, Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Faculty Member, School of Pharmacy)

– Dr. Mehrdad Sharifi, Emergency Medicine Specialist (Vice-chancellor for Human Resources Management and Development)

– Dr. Abbas Rezaianzadeh, Epidemiologist (Faculty Member, School of Public Health)

– Dr. Mahmood Nejabat, ophthalmologist (Corneal Fellowship) (Faculty Member, Poostchi Eye Research Center)

– Dr. Javad Kojuri, Cardiovascular specialist (faculty member, Cardiovascular Research Center)

– Dr. Ali Jangjoo, Emergency Medicine Specialist (Manager of Shahid Motahari Clinic)

– Dr. Ali Tavakkoli, Ph.D. in Traditional medicine

– Mohsen Varzandeh, MA in English Translation (Secretary of HSR Committee, office of vice-chancellor for Human Recourses Management and Development)

– Atefeh Torabi, MA in Epidemiology (Research officer)

Executive Committee

Dr. Seyed Jalil Masoumi (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Fariba Moradi (Executive Director)

Mohsen Varzandeh (Inside Director)

Atefe Torabi (Quality Control and Field Supervisor)

Dr. Ghasem Khosravani (Laboratory Director)

Mohammad Reza Paknejad (Lab Quality Control)

Elham Hekmatnia (Chief Technology Officer)

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