Genetic Data and Personalized Medicine


Maryam Daneshpour


Azita Zadehvakili, Ashraf Mohammad-Khani, Abdolazim Nejatizadeh, Mehdi Mirzayii


Genetic association studies have provided a powerful tool for identifying genetic variants related to health and disease, particularly for conditions influenced by many genes and environmental factors at once. Although the technique was initially used for finding genetic differences in a case-control design for particular diseases, its use quickly spread to traits measured on a continuum. The genetic committee of Iranian cohort network will try to design a guideline for:

  • Define the role of genetic study in cohorts
  • How to establish a standard genomic bank?
  • How to collect and develop family relationships in a cohort
  • Share the genetic data and define the genomic map
  • Create a database of phenotypes in existing cohort
  • How to control data quality and integration of genomic data?

Draw a road map for personalized medicine in the context of cohort studies

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