Shahroud University of Medical Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Noor Ophthalmology Research Center Ophthalmic Epidemiology Research Center

Principal Investigator: Hassan Hashemi

Professor of Ophthalmology Tehran University of Medical Sciences Noor Ophthalmology research Center



To determine the causes of eye diseases and visual impairments in school children.

Primary school children in Shahroud district

Population based stratified cluster sampling 5620

In a population of about 13000 primary school children in Shahroud, north of Iran, 6624 children were selected randomly. In the first phase of this project, 84.8% of those invited participate in examinations and visual impairments of 5620 people were identified

Five every two year follow up is scheduled with free optometric examination, Gift, SMS, call contact and contacts at homes between follow up

Demographic, systemic diseases, familial and behavioral factors

Visual impairments, optometric diseases and mouth and teeth health

Part Cohort