Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Noncommunicable Diseases Research Center

Principal Investigator:

Ehsan Bahramali

FUMS, DDRI – Second floor, FUMS, ebn-e-Sina Square, Fasa, Iran – ncdrc@fums.ac.ir – Phone number: 07153316300



1. To investigate the incidence and prevalence of non-Communicable diseases, • 2. To investigate the most effective methods of prevention, detection, treatment, and rehabilitation for non-communicable diseases mainly: cardiovascular diseases and cancers, • 3. To improve the quality of health care services

35-70 years of age

Census of a geographical region

Individuals were invited to interview. Questionnaires were completed to determine the health status and nutrition status of the subjects. Oral examinations are performed. Blood samples of all individuals are taken and stored.

Active by phone and repeated measurements

Conventional risk factors, socioeconomic, nutrition and life style vitiates

Death, MACE, and cerebrovascular disease, cancers and any chronic disease

Part Cohort