Shahroud University of Medical Sciences Environmental and Occupational Health Research Center Center for Health Related Social and Behavioral Sciences

Principal Investigator: Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimi

  • -Assistant Professor of Occupational Medicine
  • -Shahroud University of Medical Sciences
  • -Environmental and Occupational Health Research Center



To determine the effects of systemic and mental diseases, sleep disorders and demographic factors on traffic accidents.

Professional Drivers in Shahroud district

By survey, 3000 drivers in Shahroud district

Interview and self-administered questionnaire, physical examination, audiometry, optometry, blood pressure, height and weight, spirometry, ECG, blood biochemistry measurement, sleep disorder tests, including poly-somno-graphy

– Active follow up with phone calls to individuals
– Annually active follow up for the occurrence of traffic accidents leading to hospitalization or death
– Sepas system
– Through the police system of the country and the province, Legal Medicine Organization and Road Maintenance And Transportation Organization

Demographic variables, behavioral (e.g nutrition, physical activity, smoking), individual medical history, family medical history, biological (eg, anthropometric, blood pressure and pulse, ECG), biochemical (such as fasting blood sugar, Lipid Profile,), audiometry, optometry, spirometry and overnight polysomnography

Traffic accidents and its mortality

Part Cohort