Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences Non-communicable Diseases Research Center

Principal Investigator: Dr Ali Esmaeili



As a part of Persian Birth cohort, this study was aimed to determine ; To investigate the effects of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors on pregnancy outcomes, pediatrics psychosomatic disorders, and congenital defects

Pregnant women with gestational age of 12 weeks referred to the prenatal care centers in Rafsanjan

2000 pregnant women introduced by midwives working at the prenatal care centers and recruited to the study within a period of 2-year.

three questionnaires for pregnant women for each trimester, growth and developmental questionnaire for neonates, cord blood sample

The same as Adult NCDs cohort

Occupational and environmental exposures, past and family history of the NCDs, physical activities, personal and nutritional habits, pregnancy history

Pregnancy outcomes, child mental and physical health, growth and development, early- and late –onset chronic NCDs

Part Cohort