Tehran University of Medical Sciences,  Digestive Diseases Research Institute (DDRI)

Principal Investigator: Hossein Poustchi

  • Digestive Diseases Research Institute (DDRI),  PhD, Associated professor of Medicine



To investigate the most effective methods of prevention, detection, treatment, and rehabilitation for NCDs among different regions and ethnicities.

35 – 70 year olds of both gender

Cluster Sample selection, N=170/000

Subjects refer to cohort centers and electronic general, nutrition and medical questionnaires are completed by trained interviewers. A primary physical examination is performed and blood, urine, hair and nail samples are collected.

Yearly phone follow ups, and enrolled people will be asked whether they have got any disease.

All chronic disease risk factors: genetic disorder, individual habits, socioeconomic situation, air and water pollutions

Disease incidence e.g: cardiovascular ,cerebrovascular disease, cancers and any health status and death causes

Part Cohort