Persian Youth Cohort

Principal Investigator:

Afarin Rahimi-Movaghar

Professor of Psychiatry- Director, Iranian National Center for Addiction Studies (INCAS) – Tehran University of Medical Sciences



To study incidence of common mental disorders, psychosocial problems and injuries, their risk factors, course and outcomes in a youth cohort of Iran

Individuals 15 to 34 residing in catchment areas in Fasa, Ravansar and Zahedan provinces

Random sampling of 3000 individuals from the three catchment areas, a total of 9000.

Computer-assisted personal interviews, anthropometric measurements, and biochemical blood testing

– Active fallow-up and face-to-face comprehensive interviews every 2 years
– Active follow up and telephone interview, annually for mental health status, mental health service utilization, hospitalization, suicide attempt and death

Demographic, socio-economic, resilience, life events, physical activity, sleep pattern, social capital, smoking, drug and alcohol use, history of chronic physical diseases, family history of mental disorders, service utilization, pharmacologic treatments, anthropometric characteristics, biochemical blood factors

Depressive disorders (major depression and dysthymia), anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder), substance use disorders (opioids, amphetamine-type stimulants and alcohol), psychologic distress, suicide, aggression, substance use, injuries (traffic and non-traffic)

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