Professor of  Internal Medicine and Gastroentrohepatology Director of  Research Institute for Digestive Sciences Tehran University of Medical  Sciences

Principal Investigator: Reza Malekzadeh

Professor of Internal Medicine and Gastroentrohepatology Director of Research Institute for Digestive Sciences Tehran University of Medical Sciences



To study the incidence of non-communicable diseases and the association between different exposures and outcomes.

The families residing in distinct no. 13 of Tehran including all family members aged three years and above.

Random two-stage cluster sampling; Recruiting 15000 individuals in the first and 3500 in the second phase.

Interview, self-administered questionnaire, physical exam, ECG, biochemical measurements, storing serum and DNA sample.

Active fallow-up every 3 years to repeat all measurements. Up to now, 6 examinations have been conducted. – Active follow up annually for hospitalized events and death. Up to know, 18 years of follow-up have been completed.

Demographic, behavioral (e.g. nutrition, physical activity and smoking), medical history, family history, biological (e.g. anthropometric, blood pressure, pulse rate), biochemical (e.g. serum levels of glucose, lipid profile and kidney, liver and thyroid function tests) and genetic factors.

NCDs events especially cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other metabolic disorders and cancer. Up to Mar 2016 for any death and hospitalization and up to Mar 2017 for all measurements (Phase 6 of the TLGS) including self-reported physician diagnosis, drug history, and diagnoses based on physical exams and lab measurements, e.g. hypertension and diabetes.

Pars Cohort