Babol University of Medical Sciences Social Determinant of Health Research Centre

Principal Investigator: Seyed Reza Hosseini

Professor of Community Medicine- Babol University of Medical Sciences- Deputy Research of Social Determinants of Health Research Center



Common geriatric medical problems, falling, bone strength and fractures, cognitive impairment and dementia, depression, poor mobility and functional dependency

All people aged 60 and over in Amirkola city

Census, 1616 older people participated in this study. The final response rate was 72.3% (1616/2234)

All people in Amirkola aged 60 years and over were invited to participate in this study. The interviewers initially visited older people in their homes to complete parts of the study questionnaire and then, the next day, the older person came to the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) Research Centre of the University of Babol in Amirkola to complete questionnaires and examinations and have fasting blood samples taken for biochemical and hormonal tests

Phone calls are made to all study participants every 6 months and all participants will be re-examined every 2 years

Risk factors for chronic diseases in older people

Bone mineral density, Geriatric Depression Scale, MMSE, ADL, IADL, Falling, Muscle strength and balance

Part Cohort