DEADLINE: July 22, 2022
(31 Tir 1401)


  • All submitted papers must contain original data from at least one of Iran’s cohort studies.
  • Papers must be published in reputable peer-reviewed journals in the last two years (after 2020).
  • The presenting author must be listed as the first author or corresponding author or one of the researchers with the PI’s permission.
  • Duplicate submission of an article will be subjected to rejection.
  • Attach your published paper as a pdf file in the submission portal. The maximum file size that you can upload is 2 MB. If your published paper is larger than 2 MB, please make a word file including DOI or link to the published paper and upload the word file.
  • Note that priority will be given to:
    1. Papers used pooled data of several ICC cohort members.
    2. Papers with a significant impact on our scientific knowledge.

Paper Receipt Confirmation

The final step of the online submission process generates a record of your summit profile, so you can see if your paper has been received.


All papers will be reviewed by at least three reviewers. Mean scores will be calculated for each paper, and based on this, they will be allocated to oral or poster presentations, or they may be rejected. Each paper will be scored based on the following criteria: scientific quality, significance, clarity, and originality of the work. Note that final decisions on selected oral/poster presentations will be taken by the ICC’s educational and research committee members.

Paper Assignment Notification

Presenting authors will be notified by e-mail from August 6th, 2022, if their paper has been accepted for presentation. The date, time, and type of their presentation will be confirmed.

  • Please note that:
    • The presenting author is responsible for informing other co-authors of the final decision.
    • All accepted papers are required to submit a Persian knowledge translation for policymakers.
    • All abstracts accepted for presentation will be published on the ICC website before the Sumit 2022.

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