Golestan Cohort Study

Digestive Diseases Research Institute

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Reza Malekzadeh

Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology

Director, Digestive Diseases Research Institute.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences



To determine the prevalence, incidence, and trend of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) especially neoplasms, and their risk factors in Golestan Province

All residents in rural areas between 40 and 75 years and a sample of their counterparts in the city of Gonbad

All eligible individuals in rural areas (40,011 participants) from 326 villages in three counties (Gonbad, Kalaleh, and Aq-Qala) and a sample of eligible individuals in city of Gonbad (10,034 participants selected by systematic cluster sampling) were recruited. A total of 50,045 participants entered the study.

Self-reported data were collected through face-to-face interview. Physical examination was completed to measure anthropometric indices and blood pressure. Samples of blood, urine, hair, and nail were collected and stored.

All participants are actively follow-up up through annual telephone calls. In case death or any major disease has occurred and has led to hospitalization, the cause of death or disease will be verified through verbal autopsy (by referring to the household) and after collecting all relevant medical documents from hospitals and other medical centers to which the participant has referred.

Demographic characteristics, life style (including nutrition and food preservation and cooking methods, consumption of hot tea, physical activity, smoking, substance abuse, alcohol consumption, and oral health), past medical and family history, medication history, chief complaints, socio-economic status, environmental risk factors (access to water and sanitation, type of fuels), animal contact, anthropometric indices and blood pressure, biological and genetic risk factors.

Incidence of fatal and non-fatal NCDs with focus on cardiovascular diseases, neoplasms, and injuries.

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