Qazvin Metabolic Diseases Study Staff

Qazvin Metabolic Diseases Study (QMDS): Phase I

University: Qazvin University of Medical Sciences

Institute/Research Center: Metabolic Diseases Research Center

Principle Investigator: Prof. Amir Ziaee, Mrs Azam Ghorbani

QMDS Unit Manager: Mrs Azam Ghorbani

Co-Investigators (Primary Design) (in alphabetical order):

Dr Saeid Asefzadeh, Dr Hamid Reza Javadi, Dr Amir Javadi, Zahra Kalantari, Mrs Azam Ghorbani

Co-Investigators (Revision & Steering Committee) (in alphabetical order):

Dr Neda Esmailzadehha, Dr Sima Hashemipour, Dr Ahmad Afaghi

Project consultants (in alphabetical order):

Dr Mahnaz Abbasi, Dr Shabnam Jalilolghadr, Dr fatemeh Lalooha

Managing & Working Team:

Name Position Position
1. Mrs Azam Ghorbani Executive Manager 9. Data collection, ECG & Anthropometric Division
2. Dr Narges Sarbazi General Secretory 10. Receptionist
3. Dr Ahmad Afaghi In charge of Nutrition Division 11. Statistics
4. Dr Neda Esmailzadehha Physician, Examiner 12. General Services
5. Dr Azadeh Mosallaie Physician, Examiner 13. Support group
6. Dr Solmaz Farokhzad Physician, Examiner 14. Support group
7. Dr Mohammad Hosien Khoyeni In charge of laboratory Division 15. Support group
8. Fatemeh Hassani Data collection, ECG & Anthropometric Division
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